How does battery strapping work?
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The battery strapping tools are suitable for plastic PP or PET straps. The strapping process starts by pressing the power button, the tool starts and begins to tensile the strap to the desired level. The battery strapping tools come in two types, there is the semi-automatic battery strapping tool and automatic battery strapping tool. Most battery hand tools which we sell are automatic, this means that the battery strapping tool automatically performs tensioning, friction welding and cut the plastic PP or PET strap. Battery banding tools are extremely economical, and they decrease packing time by more than 4 times. Battery strapping tools are powered by a high-quality lithium-ion battery, which has a long-life cycle, while at the same time enables recharging. The battery strapping machines which we sell can tension, friction weld and cut
400-800 or more straps with just one charge.

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