Different strapping tools
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Manual strapping tools are suitable for steel and plastic straps, and battery-operated strapping tools are suitable for plastic straps. The battery strapping tool is light, weighing about 3-4 kg, so working is effortless in any situation. Compared with manual strapping tools, battery strapping tools are operated more efficiently and elegantly. 

On the other hand, Pneumatic strapping tools are more robust and suitable for heavier duty packing, for example, steel factories or logistics companies. A pneumatic device is less convenient to move around, as it is connected to a compressed air tube.  We focus on battery-powered strapping tool/machine manufacturing.

Our well-designed.battery strapping tools are patented with reliable quality. We are the original manufacturer, so we can make sure good after-sales service by providing comprehensive spare parts, maintenance services, and training documents, including videos and online learning.

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